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A Deeper look into Solar Photovoltaic

A Deeper look into Solar Photovoltaic

Author: premier solar

A most common misconception and confusion about solar photovoltaic and solar panels is that they are two different technologies that work differently from each other. The truth is apart from the name there us actually no difference between the two. In a solar PV system Photovoltaic cells are formed into solar arrays and lined up to make a solar module that is commonly called solar panels.

In the past, and before the evolution and adaptation of its technology, photovoltaic cells were really not designed to be a major source of clean and renewable energy. Probably the first electronic gadgets that you've seen them in are your calculators and children's toys that required only a little amount electricity. The applications dated back in the late 50's but soon enough, photovoltaic usage was adapted in space missions and research and some of the most complex and sophisticated satellites were powered by solar energy.

As the decades have passed and we have move forward and evolved, we have created a new challenge; with the spurt of global economy's, particularly western countries, industrial& manufacturing sectors have soared and along with it the emissions of greenhouse gases have exploded! That is a very big problem which has been calling for a solution – fast!

This means in recent years the search has been on for newer and cleaner ways to produce the energy that we need to power our cities. In our accustomed reliance on fossil fuel sources for electricity we have overlooked the clean alternative energy that is all around us; from wind, to the force of a waterfall and most significantly the sun that basks our entire planet.

So where Solar Photovoltaic once seemed to be exclusively for space or very small applications, today the technology is being widely used as an effective and economically viable source for commercial and residential electricity. The necessary striving for clean alternative energy pushed to us to change the face of solar power and rely on it more than ever before. Along with this have come breakthrough applications and innovations which have given the capacity to mass produce solar modules and improve the efficiency of their power output while also making them cheaper.

In many parts of the world including the Australia, governments have set in place monetary rewards to strongly encourage their citizens to make the switch into solar energy electrical systems, as part of the agreed carbon reduction targets by the year 2020.

But you must remember that the technology and the government cannot solve the problem alone. What is required for it to succeed as well is your support & participation in making the switch to clean renewable solar power!

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