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Mardi gras will be celebrating With Solar Next Year

Mardi gras will be celebrating With Solar Next Year

Author: Johnny Solar

Mardi gras will be celebrating With Solar Next Year

New Orleans has been hit hard over the last few years with one catastrophe after the other, I say their over due for a break, and maybe convert all the homes in that area from fossil fuels to solar energy would be just the thing.

New Orleans has been hit hard by Mother Nature and this countries recession and faltering economy. The oil spill in the gulf just about broke the camels back. So why not start there with making the biggest change that this country needs to make in order to become the super power it once was, to be the economic giant of old, what better way than to become oil free and solar dependent the way the universe planned for us.

Solar energy, solar power and all the changes to the environment, employment and the overall impact it would have on the region would benefit New Orleans in a very positive and beneficial way and for the country too. The people of New Orleans need a break and I think this would be a great one. It would be great is the U.S. government would subsidize the conversion of lets say 60% of the existing and new homes in the New Orleans area.

The Success Solar Group could help with matching the home owners up with the best contractors and suppliers of solar equipment to do the job. This in turn would create jobs, bolster the economy and bring much needed relief to the area. So if our leaders in Congress are reading this maybe they should start writing the house bills needed to put this type of legislation through and help get this part of the country working in the right direction again.

This would give the Mardi Gras committee a real issue to focus on and create next years celebration around which in turn would also create some temporary jobs, is anybody listening? Converting homes so that they use solar power to run the electricity, heat their homes, heat their water, and even heat the pools in their back yards would really start the ball rolling in getting this country off its Oil addiction.

Consider the environment in the New Orleans area already hit hard by the Gulf oil spill, this is an area much traveled by tourists from other countries and should be on the top of a priorities list of places to start improving the environmental conditions, and what better way than to begin with the way we get our energy supply, the fact that the area was so badly affected by the oil spill makes it a perfect model to bring in solar energy conversion.

You can bet a lot of people reading this might be saying why not let BP Oil subsidize the conversion from fossil fuel it's not as if they don't have the money solar power for all the homes affected by the spill. And rightfully so, why not? It would give them good PR.

The Success Solar Group is dedicated to helping the victims of the hurricane and the oil spill by providing information needed to find the right people to make these conversions.

This country needs to do something very soon, we think solar power conversions is a good place to begin, if enough people got behind this I am sure the Government would listen, remember our strongest voice is still our vote, something to think about. Next years elections will come fast remember and become active, the solar movement will start out slow its our job to keep it alive.

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