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Online Solar Courses - Pv Courses

Online Solar Courses - Pv Courses

Author: Rich Hessler Solar

In the distant past, one's occupation was rarely questioned. Men typically followed in their father's footsteps, learning a specific skill over a life-long course. Today, men and women have every opportunity imaginable at their fingertips. Although many do follow their parents' footsteps, most venture on a different occupation path. With this freedom comes the ability and desire to change careers. With the recent recession (2008-2010+), many individuals have lost their jobs and become confused about where to take their lives next.

One emerging industry, renewable energy, specifically solar, has claimed many individuals seeking a new career in a blooming industry. With a large workforce and little training/knowledge of solar has come the emergence of solar courses. These courses provide information and skills for individuals interested in transitioning into the solar industry.

Solar courses are courses focusing on training hard-working professionals from various industries to understand how solar works, install solar systems, sell pv solar systems, and research solar technology. Solar courses are extremely rewarding. They inspire individuals to protect the earth through sustainable energy resources, help homeowners manage large electricity bills, and alleviate the demand for energy.

While taking a solar course, students learn what a solar panel is, how to set up a solar system, solar-lighting options, solar-thermal water heating (pools and hot water), and more. Throughout the course, students receive hands-on training to perform tasks required upon graduation. By the end of the solar course, students are qualified in installation, construction, design, business-management, sales, or marketing.

Taking advantage of current technology, courses are offered both in the classroom and online. The courses vary in length, some, like Rich Hessler's Solar Sales Training, lasts 2 days while others, like Mira Costa College's Solar Installation Course, lasts one week.

Solar courses are being taken by both young individuals desiring a career in solar and seasoned professionals of other fields, wanting to change career paths to a new, blooming industry.

If you are interested in solar, taking a course is typically the easiest way into the industry. Do your research online or consult an individual in the field.

Solar is a blooming industry. With energy prices destined to increase as supplies continue to diminish, solar will only become more economically feasible and demanded.

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